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for Serrano

National Gallery

Photographers' Gallery

Georg Baselitz: Ciao America II and III, 1988

Andrea Bowers in collaboration with Ada Tinnell: Trans Liberation: Building a Movement, 2016

The Transgender Women Activists of Color exhibition review

Chris Shaw: Horizon Icons, 2015

collectordaily review

Asia Piecyk: Light

display, spaces

spaces, display




Asia Piecyk

At the Photographers' Gallery they have folio days. Anyone wishing to present their images can book to bring along a good old fashioned portfolio case of prints or else a tablet or laptop, whatever they want. I didn't see anyone presenting their images on their phone, but hey, it's feasible.

Half a dozen small desks were set up in one of the studios. A few people visiting the Deutsche Borse exhibition were wandering in to take a look, but not that many, really.. I had a scoot round and was immediately interested in the work of Asia Piecyk who turned out to be from a non-photography background. I liked what she'd done enough to ask about buying a few prints. Two are observational images - super nice and easy to live with -  but her other, newer pictures involved various very simple but perfectly well-judged digital interventions - they looked so cool. I wish I'd bought several more but she'd not have much left to show if I had, having only turned up with a dozen…

from ground level

on issuu


2 verticals


Yesterday I got a carpet off-cut that was a couple of shades brighter than that in the spare room  to try and get a better blend with an external location image when mixing them. I probably need a roll of white colouroll paper or a proper studio even to do it really well, but being amateurish is par for the course.

So today was taking shots with various outfits all in vertical format and with the same camera I've started using for the site shoots, so they should fit together more readily. I think the 'double exposure' look is one I've picked up from The Pictures Generation image-makers, but it's also a sort of return to one of the very first projects where I was combining an internal feminine self-portrait and an external masculine space by cutting the figure out and pasting it in from one to the other. It was only recently I actually found the nerve to go to a site and take the pictures there and then even though it crossed my mind right from the start. I like the…


Charles Marville: The America Quarries,between the Boulevard Serrurier and the rue de Mexico, (before 1877)

Met link

red carded

This morning's location shoot was cut short and I was headed for 'an early bath' as they say in football when a player is red-carded. It might be a semi-derelict factory destined to be flattened and transformed into a housing estate but security, polite and professional, showed up. It had been an effort to get the tripod over when climbing the gate on the way in so at least having it un-padlocked and open when I was escorted out was a lot less precarious.

& &


Amantine Dupin

Michael Spano

Sandra Weiner: East 26th Street, 1948

auction link

Mark Steinmetz: Carey, Farmington, Georgia, 1996

auction link

Michael Spano: Under the Boardwalk, Coney Island, 1980

auction link

John Ogden: Central Australia, Northern Territory, 1984

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Simen Johan: Untitled #67 (from the series And Nothing was to be Trusted), 1998

auction link

Mary Ellen Mark: Child on bed, 1969

auction link

Wayne Miller: Untitled (father and son on beach), 1946-47

auction link

Germaine Krull: Clochard, c.1928

auction link

Bruce Davidson: The Gang, 1959

auction link

Alice Attie: Untitled (Boy in Mask)

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Malick Sidibe: Surprise Party, 1964

Mouna Karray: Nobody Will Talk About Us

Tyburn Gallery, London

Andres Serrano interview, November 7th, 2015

Yale University podcast link

Serrano beside vandalised artwork, 'Piss Christ' - link  A highly devotional Christian work, both beautiful and philosophical, that has been repeatedly attacked in galleries around the world. Its provocative title, which came about through Serrano's habit of matter-of-fact naming, is discussed in the interview.

Lynn Saville: Dark City, 2015

photo-eye link

It's always a bit disconcerting when you see a picture that overlaps with something of your own. The heavy plant parked up at night was a subject of mine several years ago, I didn't think anyone else was likely to be doing the same thing, and if they did that they'd actually get published. The image below is also the full-bleed cover of Lynn Saville's book, 'Dark City'. As it turns out she's not particularly covering the specific subject matter of construction sites (or using the light of the full moon, either), she's simply a nocturnist, as urban night photographers are apparently now called. There's a lot of really good things going on in that photograph and I also the one on the right hand page of the spread below, and not just because it's got building work going on in it, but that doesn't hurt.

Colin Stearns: Meridian, 2015

photo-eye link

Toilet facilities and the law

I thought they had been introducing unisex toilet facilities in America years ago? The recent anti-trans state legislation has been in the news lately, though - BBC link.

On the few occasions I've been to a trans nightclub I was confused which loo to use - no-one else seemed to be, the glamourous and lovely M2F women there were all heading into the ladies loo. So when I confusedly (and not wanting to potentially alarm or embarrass a genetic-female), went into the mens I seemed to be met with surprise by the regular guys in there, probably as I was wearing a dress. Cubicles obviously were the way to go but even so I figured I needed to get past my reserve and use the other one next time, and I eventually did. Which turned out to be almost impracticable - it was full of groups of trans women friends fixing their make up, nattering and gossiping. There was a mini party going on in there.

Gender identity clinic for young people sees referrals double

BBC link

"The number of young people referred to England's only gender identity clinic for under-18s has doubled in the past year to nearly 1,400, figures show. The data also shows that nearly twice as many biological girls than boys were referred to London's Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust last year.
Consultant clinical psychologist Dr Bernadette Wren said young people now had more freedom to define themselves."

Saul Leiter: Andy Warhol and his Mother, 1950

exterior, with fence

right side


site b/interior

Here's to you, Robert Heinecken