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Toilet facilities and the law

I thought they had been introducing unisex toilet facilities in America years ago? The recent anti-trans state legislation has been in the news lately, though - BBC link.

On the few occasions I've been to a trans nightclub I was confused which loo to use - no-one else seemed to be, the glamourous and lovely M2F women there were all heading into the ladies loo. So when I confusedly (and not wanting to potentially alarm or embarrass a genetic-female), went into the mens I seemed to be met with surprise by the regular guys in there, probably as I was wearing a dress. Cubicles obviously were the way to go but even so I figured I needed to get past my reserve and use the other one next time, and I eventually did. Which turned out to be almost impracticable - it was full of groups of trans women friends fixing their make up, nattering and gossiping. There was a mini party going on in there.