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Asia Piecyk

At the Photographers' Gallery they have folio days. Anyone wishing to present their images can book to bring along a good old fashioned portfolio case of prints or else a tablet or laptop, whatever they want. I didn't see anyone presenting their images on their phone, but hey, it's feasible.

Half a dozen small desks were set up in one of the studios. A few people visiting the Deutsche Borse exhibition were wandering in to take a look, but not that many, really.. I had a scoot round and was immediately interested in the work of Asia Piecyk who turned out to be from a non-photography background. I liked what she'd done enough to ask about buying a few prints. Two are observational images - super nice and easy to live with -  but her other, newer pictures involved various very simple but perfectly well-judged digital interventions - they looked so cool. I wish I'd bought several more but she'd not have much left to show if I had, having only turned up with a dozen or so images and seemingly no expectation of anyone wanting any.

Geometry of the City