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Andres Serrano: Knifed to Death II, (1992)

I emailed Andres Serrano yesterday but it bounced, seems his mailbox is full. Probably of hate mail. His recurring question; how we can be frail flesh and yet remain divine beings before god?

This morgue series; I have no doubt he was minded of the crucified Christ when he saw these hands. Those little marks of blood in particular, the limpid curl of the fingers. Serrano's photograph (with the recording power of a Mamiya RB67 medium format camera) shows exactly what dead penetrated flesh looks like. The real is framed for contemplation. And if your heart has not yet quite turned to stone then grief and tears for both this unknowable victim of violence and the slain Jesus, the man, the son of god, is perhaps not a unreasonable response.

The playwright Bernard Shaw famously said he'd give up all the great paintings of Christ for just one snapshot.  I think this Serrano photograph may be as close as it gets.

 And here endeth today's lecture.

everything is around the corner

One of the 10 new things; going to a Sunday morning church service at St Peter's.

Book back from MACK

The print copy of my hedge book arrived here today. First time I've seen it. (Thanks Jess for sorting the return after the judging.) Nice job by

Netflix series: 'Love' - Mickey's unexpected dance move

I'm half way through season two, eeking it out, a couple of half-hour episodes per evening to make the three season run last a fortnight.

Last night, Gus arrived at Mickey's and while since the start they have been mis-matched and roller-coasterly on/off something meaningful seems to be starting to happen. She stands close to him as he comes in the door and out of the blue as they walk into the room talking about ordering food she does a random funny little happy dance move thing, something she's never done before. I'm guessing it wasn't improv but hard to imagine how it was laid down at the script-writing stage. Anyway, it's amazing  : D In response Gus pulls her to him and kisses her - and for the first time for them both it's suddenly the real thing.

Som Sabadell flashmob - BANCO SABADELL

Thanks Greg.

chips and mushy peas

previous flowers

Dhammapada verse 46:
One who knows that this body is impermanent like froth, and comprehends that it is insubstantial like a mirage, will cut the flowers of Mara