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Josef Koudelka

Magnum website

Josef Koudelka: Portugal, 1976

things emerge out of what looks like chaos



Yung Jake: emoji portraits

Biejing Proposal

Frederick Paxton: Embedded with Islamic Front in Aleppo

vice online

Thomas Albdorf

Scott Alario: from 'What We Conjure'

Carpenters: Superstar

Sonic Youth: Superstar

NCM/ Foyle Foundation Commissions #1: David George, Dougie Wallace, Jasper White, Jo Holland and Nick Ballon.

Pic: Dougie Wallace

heavy industrial to domestic land use transformation





slightly to one side, but not by much

the nettles photo

beneath the nettles photo


Robert Heinecken

Lessons in Posing Subjects at photo-eye

Joel Peter-Witkin: Man With Dog, Mexico City, 1990

From the "Twelve Photographs" book, 1993

A landscape photograph

A while ago I decided that I need to find a new landscape photographic style.  No longer devotedly New Topographic (I will always love you, Lewis Baltz) and distanced from the Bernd and Hilla Becher and their Dusseldorf School oeurve but something ... other, mine  Something that owes little to Andreas Gursky or Candida Hofer or the eclectic vision of Lee Friedlander or the ecologically concerned output of Robert Adams or even the huge legacy of works from Timothy O'Sullivan or Eugene Atget.  So, like a million other photographers who photograph landscape and try to do it their own way, I have tried to figure that out.  The principle I feel might resolve the issue is to trust a natural contrariness, to just do it wrong, in the hopeI might find something that works for me, that makes sense in regard to my back-story. To find the right way to do it wrong is the really hard bit.


gardens, with families

the view


tilted horizon

the neue



Kate Hooper print

fence panels look like water

Joy Formidable: Cradle (2011)

When I use to go to a lot of gigs in small venues in my town sometimes there'd be a band turn up to play to a few dozen people on a cold wintry night (they were always cold wintry nights) and they would be totally fuckin' awesome as we teenagers say. Joy Formidable were one such band. Later on when the headliners were on stage - and there were only six people left in the place - I noticed I was stood next to the lead singer of JF. That was a happy moment : D

Tomas van Houtryve: Baseball practice in Montgomery County, Maryland

Guardian article

the real houses

The big box book thing is close to the finishing line, all the photos are printed just the cover details for each sequence to do.  Based on extremely careful calculations and referring to my extensive note-taking during production it is somewhere between 1,500 - 3,000 pages long in total, and is about 10" thick.

I cycled back over there today considering wrapping the whole thing up with one final shoot which would carry the end date for the fence project into 2015  (start date 2011). Having seen this stretch of land/houses coming off my little printer so many times in the last few weeks it was peculiar to be actually stood in front of the real thing all of a sudden. At first I thought 'nothing has changed', then after a moment's reflection, based on the big box book thing, queried that to myself, then noticed, that indeed various things had.


neue flat

Bill Silano:

house at the edge of the world

exit wound, reverberating

shadow and broken red string

string theory