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A landscape photograph

A while ago I decided that I need to find a new landscape photographic style.  No longer devotedly New Topographic (I will always love you, Lewis Baltz) and distanced from the Bernd and Hilla Becher and their Dusseldorf School oeurve but something ... other, mine  Something that owes little to Andreas Gursky or Candida Hofer or the eclectic vision of Lee Friedlander or the ecologically concerned output of Robert Adams or even the huge legacy of works from Timothy O'Sullivan or Eugene Atget.  So, like a million other photographers who photograph landscape and try to do it their own way, I have tried to figure that out.  The principle I feel might resolve the issue is to trust a natural contrariness, to just do it wrong, in the hope I might find something that works for me, that makes sense in regard to my back-story. To find the right way to do it wrong is the really hard bit.