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the first day of the end of november

Jim Dow: Americana (1968 - present)

website link


Carlos Loret de Mola: Rivington

Photo-eye book taster link
& artist website link
'Photozine relating an ambiguous encounter of a woman and a man in the city. Printed and bound in a numbered edition of 100.'


I saw the video by Dylan Winter (appropriately enough) a few days ago and tried it today.  My candle-power flowerpot heater is too hot to touch after 30 mins so the science holds good.  I'm walking around in t-shirt and shorts, practically.

Intent content

When I bought a camera recently it was probably the camera I would have preferred to be using for the last year - it has a lot of pixel power.  It can do everything.  It was the most expensive camera I'd ever bought.  It is even marketed as semi-pro.

But being an amateur it seemed to come with unreasonable expectation and added responsibility built in - features that hadn't been discussed on any of the review sites.  The casual and fun aspects had been completely engineered out, unless I've missed those in the complex set up menus.

So after this brief upgrading I only took a few photos and decided to downsize.

Interestingly, seeing the technically bad Disuke Yokota photos a few days ago made clear that I don't relate very well to doing things very well either.  So, it's not just me - as well as it's just not me.  There are a lot of serious art photographers with very high production values - which goes far beyond their equipment, extending to research, travel,…

Daisuke Yokota: Site

Tate photography curator Simon Baker mentioned Disuke Yokota in a recent interview


Piet Mondrian / \

zen garden

Beth Moon:

Photo-eye link

Getting the image

"The most decorated combat flight in U. S. history didn’t take place in a major battle. It was a photo-reconnaissance flight" - story here

Bud Thues, Zeamer, Hank Dominski, Sarnoski (Front Row) Vaughn, Kendrick, Able, Pugh.

Life cycle of big things

From the train window last week I saw work had started on a site of former heavy industry just outside town.  (A bloke I used to work with had previously been a foreman there and he had suggested that the contamination was so bad that it was unlikely that permission for homes to be built would ever be given.  It seems it wasnt so bad after all....)  The factory itself had been pulled down a couple of years ago (I'd taken some photos before and after the event), the site cleared and so finally construction was under way.  I cycled out there today (which took over an hour even though it's only five miles after I took the wrong turning, twice, like I think I did every other time I've been out there).  It was worth the long ride and the cold fingers if only because the light was so pretty and the sky was brimming with crazy summer blueness.  Almost stone buds, the first rocks and debris are appearing.

- broken concrete & half moon

grey skirt

Mr B

Three months ago I bought a few print credits which were on offer at Photobox, with the insanely optimistic expectation of requiring one or maybe even two prints when some recent images submitted to an open event were accepted.

As it turned out there was obviously some terrible mix up during the selection process and as a result no prints of mine were required.  These things happen.  So instead, and with just a couple of days till those credits expire I had to think of something to use them for... and resorted to images from, long, long ago and far, far away - gigs  The digital noise is immense, as was the volume at times.  Lots of memories of shabby venues, a diverse mix of promoters who perservered putting on unsigned (often astonishingly talented) teenage bands until bankruptcy shut them down - and Mr B; who set up the local music scene website and who gave endless encouragement to one and all (me included) and who made being part of it all seem so worthwhile.

something like that


Eleanor Antin:

Gallery link
Modern Art Notesw podcast link

"I consider the usual aids to self-definition—sex, age, talent, time and space—as tyrannical limitations upon my freedom of choice."
Her multiple personae—or "selves"—are of different genders, races, professions, historical contexts and geographic locations. This motley group...are as diverse as their stories. Some were embodied by Antin and captured in photographs and on video. Others had paper doll surrogates; at times, their existence was known only through the drawings, texts and films they had ostensibly left behind. 

Aaron Schuster described the series thus: In ‘The King of Solana Beach’ (1974–5), Antin becomes the self-appointed ruler of Solana Beach in Southern California, a guise that allows her to construct an idealized male self while also involving herself in the travails of community life. The black and white photographs document some of the King’s daily adventures, listening to his subjects’ conce…

Tema Stauffer: Gas Station, Michigan, 2000

At Sasha Wolf gallery

Christine Osinski: Young Man Pulling A Go-Kart, 1983-84

At Sasha Wolf Gallery

Thomas Holton: Untitled, 2005

at Sasha Wolf gallery

Elinor Carucci: After Argument, 2003

At Sasha Wolf gallery

Three months

I can't remember anything from before

 I arrived about three months ago
 I only had the clothes I was wearing
And a friend's address


Why would they say those things?
I thought they liked me
They said I was fake
... perhaps they're right
I really don't know anymore

From across the sea

Goose bumps upon observing the sea for the first time

Poundland: Party Girl, (2013)