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the first day of the end of november

Jim Dow: Americana (1968 - present)

Carlos Loret de Mola: Rivington


Intent content

Daisuke Yokota: Site


Piet Mondrian / \

zen garden

Beth Moon:

Getting the image

Life cycle of big things

grey skirt

Mr B

something like that


James Kalm: Come Together: Surviving Sandy, Curated by Phong Bui Parts I & II

Eleanor Antin:

Tema Stauffer: Gas Station, Michigan, 2000

Christine Osinski: Young Man Pulling A Go-Kart, 1983-84

Thomas Holton: Untitled, 2005

Elinor Carucci: After Argument, 2003

Three months


From across the sea

Goose bumps upon observing the sea for the first time

Poundland: Party Girl, (2013)