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Lorna Simpson: Gathered

Vera Lutter

Appearances and bananas

Inside a Mondrian

John Baldessari: AND, (1997)


Ed Ruscha: Burning Gas Station (1966)

Melanie Bonajo: Furniture Bondage (From "Are All Cliches True?")

Elina Brotherus: Artist and Her Model (2007) & Artist at Work (2009)

Elina Brotherus: Model Studies (2003-5)

Cécile Decorniquet: Enfants

Delphine Burtin: Disappearance

Squaremag submission


Diane Arbus and Bruce Lee

Daring to use the wrong photo

Emmet and Edith Gowin conversation

Emmet Gowin (1983)

Emmet Gowin: Edith and Moth Flight, 2002

Emmet Gowin: Nancy and Dwayne, Danville, Virginia, 1970

Birgit Jürgenssen: I Want Out Of Here! (1976)


Some people prefer the crust

After work (self-portrait from above)

Ed Burtynsky

Lady Lazarus

Rocks and ladders

Robert Longo: Untitled, 1981

Willem de Kooning: A Retrospective at MoMA

Robert Rauschenberg: Erased De Kooning

Joni Sternbach: The Salt Effect: 10.09.30 #1 Tracks

Alison Brady:Untitled (AB-1011),2007

Asger Carlsen: Hester

Night of the bumble bee

Slight adjustment No. 4

Slight adjustment No. 3

Slight adjustment No. 2