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Rocks and ladders

While real people are doing real things on this lovely, warm July Saturday I've been, as always, alleviating the guilt of not taking pictures (or doing overdue DIY/cleaning the house) - by taking pictures.

I had woke up wondering how to position a camera directly overhead... and when I figured it out postponed a trip to the local gallery to see the county artists bi-annual show, and set about instead gathering some heavy rocks (warm from the sunshine in the garden) and ladders and bringing everything upstairs.

A couple of years ago a woman at an opening of Uncertain States salon in Highgate asked me to take a photo of her, using her camera, it was a Nikon D7000 (very expensive then) - I was impressed how heavy it was.  It felt like a real camera should feel.   Now that I got one recently that weightiness suddenly seemed a bit of a disadvantage, the whole camera/tripod/rocks balance was suddenly finely poised when attaching it to the tripod head, despite the tonnage of counter-balancing stone keeping it in the air.   Wanting to take a picture lying down was so a resulting photo could be given the title 'Lying'.  Alternative titles soon up for consideration were 'Internal Bleeding' or 'Concussion'  had everything not stayed exactly where it was, overhead.  After a couple of hours when I took everything down, surprisingly the rocks were still warm to handle.