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Alejandro Catagena - Carpoolers


Various small differences (preliminary versions)

Justin Newhall

Michael Lundgren - Juniper

Christopher Colville - Constellation

Justin James Reed

Backs of heads, double exposures - Helen Sear

Eva Stenram

Being a boy (when you're a girl)

Over a fence and a thousand frames

Photo icons cluster

'When I Paint My Masterpiece' - Bob Dylan

People playing in an orchestra

On a cold day remembering people

Everything's been done yesterday already

Must see photographers website

Valley of Angels - Simone Donati

Biology and manufactured components


Mixed-up (but not mixed up)

Almost something

Japanese Girl

Dust everywhere

Timothy O'Sullivan - Colorado River (1871)

Appropriation - complete with cover up

Crushed berries

Spiders from Mars

Rage photography

Tate Exhibition Oct 2012

Thieves like us

Accident No. 6

Le mystère des voix Bulgares-Pritouritze planinata

Trent Parke - Sydney Opera House

... and

People photographs