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Over a fence and a thousand frames

The site near me has had its security fencing beefed up in recent weeks and so far no-one's 'found a gap'.  To get in now would look conspicuous as it is a public area so I bottled it yesterday and came home empty handed, feeling disappointed with myself.  FAIL.

Similar today, people coming and going.  It's a stupid kind of nervousness.  I remember as a kid, six or seven years old, climbing over a fence when my brother, who was gonna follow me, called out - 'police'.  I had to chew down on my natural reaction to try and get back over, 'fess up and just stay still and not make a sound.  Expecting a voice of doom to announce I'd been seen.  But no.  I think after a few minutes it was quiet so I got back out.  I'm still climbing over fences many years later. 

The overcast sky had been the excuse in my back pocket for bailing today, as it comes out blank in photos.  But having made it in I tried the in-camera HDR, which mixes two seperate exposures.  It's not supposed to be done hand-held so I took regular shots, too,  all the way around, ignoring the passing police sirens over the next few hours.