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Japanese Girl

I woke up at 7.55 this morning and even though it was Sunday I got out of bed to write some things down that I could photograph today in my dress-up shoot, having prepped last night in readiness (washed my hair, shaved my legs, etc.).  They were an idea I'd had several months ago that I never got around to and had forgotten.  'Women I Loved' (provisional title and overtly DH Lawrence influenced).  I was thinking of choosing clothes to wear that would in some way enable me to present as those who meant something.  There's usually one or two per year on average : ) and for all sorts of reasons.  The one that springs to mind first is Miss Williams, a recently qualified teacher at my school when I was about 12 years old.  With each photographic representation would be a little back story.  In her case it includes my best friend from that time, Roger B., and how one evening he suggested we 'go visit' Miss Williams as she lived nearby.  She saw us from her upstairs room, and called down to us, smiling, and we ran away.  Roger had a bigger crush on her than me, he used to roll his pencil under her desk on a regular basis and crawl under to retrieve it.  He practically lived under there.

But I was distracted by someone else.  Yesterday I'd walked down to the demolition/construction site at the end of my road only to find that there were workmen still there despite it being a Saturday afternoon (I went back later). But for a while I stood on the pavement, looking through the gate into the site perplexed.  A Japanese girl walked by, a uni student, I guess.  She stopped beside me and did some sort of thing with the end of her hair, like examining it or deep in thought for a moment before walking on.  I don't know what it meant but it resonated and was a still-fresh incidental memory for me to start with today.