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new road, 2011, cover

stripes (cover), may 15

Danny Lyon: Beekman Street, Sunday morning; Ginco, Tonto, Frankie, John Jr., and Nelson, after exploring the buildings, 1967

From fansinaflashbulb blog, this Danny Lyon photograph was made 51 years ago. The human interest captured at the precise moment that Sunday morning in 1967 when it was taken feels to have grown exponentially as one wonders how their lives played out.

I didn't recognise this as a picture by Danny Lyon, it is strongly reminiscent of the famous Paul Strand image, The Family, Luzzara, Italy, which Lyon presumably knew and admired, which was made in 1953, before most if not all of these boys were born. A different time, a different continent,  similar poverty, but to the five boys in the Lyon pictures life somehow seems satisfactory.

Djune - The anchor - 12/7/08 - NewOrder (Blue Monday)Cover

Sylvia Plimack Mangold: Zodiacal Light, 1980

Modern Art Notes podcast

One last traverse, the middle of the afternoon

As accurately predicted by the Met office (credit where due), the heavy clouds had melted away yesterday by mid-afternoon, replaced by warming mid-August sunshine and a mid-blue sky. The 1400 page fence book had finished on a section made in July 14 so I cycled back to produce one more set, four years on from then as a kind of footnote. 

The path I used to walk down was partly over-grown with brambles and long grass,  but was still passable. People had always used it before but seems no-one uses it now, perhaps as it is overlooked quite closely by the new build houses, and there is an alternative nearby. I made one pass vertical format north to south, as from years before, ten paces between shots, and at the bottom switched to horizontal aspect for the return leg. Having done so much editing recently as the images were being made I was mentally re-sizing them in photoshop and loading them onto pages in Scribus desk top publishing programme. Past, present and future merging into one.


site A, fence: covers 1,2 & 3

fence, 2011-14, parts one, two and three covers, work in progress

August 18th


fence, part 2, cov

fence part one, cover


broken ground, cover, 2012