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I went back a couple of times to the disused factory at site d today, intending to go into other buildings and do more panning of roof-lights high above, but each time found a high-vis vehicle parked immediately out front and I didn't want to push my luck, which I probably have too much already. At first I thought it was maybe a paramedic and some kid had been inside (or daring to go on the roof) and got hurt and they were attending. I retreated to a distance and waited and in half an hour the only activity I saw was someone dressed in black get out of the car to stretch his legs.

Back home and having checked online local news and there's no incident showing up. So I went back after a couple of hours and from a distance could see the car was still there, right in front of the factory entrance.  Maybe bad timing and they were paramedics parked up on standby in a really out of the way place, or else the security has been stepped up.