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non-land, site b, pan

new build home through trees, site b

It was sunny and I headed off for a ride on my bike and ended up at site b, even though here's not much I find interesting there anymore. There is one strip of land at the very back of the site that's not had houses built on yet and which has an overgrown embankment which has some appeal but it's the kind of contre-jour shooting which for me never comes out looking very good at all. I was going to have another go today but as I was sneaking in someone drove into the site anyway which deterred me further.

The actual overgrown corner where it's possible to slip in unobserved is a small, shabby little spot and it's hard to discern whose land it actually is. It's not been cleared or staked out by the housebuilders nor included by the owners of adjoining fenced-off land. It's an in-between non-used space left to its own devices. I always find those non-places interesting.

The new build houses through the trees style of photographing thing is a leftover from site…

tree, site b

ladder, site b

Paula Rego: Baying, 1994

Paula Rego: Sit, 1994

The Fence at Waddington

(Jan 2015) RAF Waddington drone protest: Four arrested - BBC.

"We come to RAF Waddington today to say a clear 'no' to the growing normalisation and acceptability of drone warfare.

"Thanks to the marketing of drone war as 'risk free', 'precise' and above all 'humanitarian', war has been rehabilitated and accepted as virtually normal by those who see little or nothing of the impact on the ground thousands of miles away."

(Jan 2016)

Anton Corbijn: Don van Vliet (Captain beefheart)

This is one of the very best portraits. It's the equal to anything ever produced in paint, the more respected medium, by anyone

Someone I knew in the year above me on the photography course at Trent Poly, back in the day, Mark C., was a hard-core Anton Corbijn fan and his enthusiasm got me into him. He wrote his dissertation on Corbijn, who was not the usual fine art subject, but it was a great read, teasing out incredible subtleties of meaning in the images.

I don't recall him writing or mentioning this one, of Captain Beefheart. I've always been very impressed by it, both for its virtuosity, and for the emotional resonance. I imagine it was taken late in the day when the light was fading, my favourite time of day. The grain of the high speed film is pretty intense, like it had its rating bumped up several stops, maybe from 400 all the way up to 1600. It's a wide aperture, the focus is shallow, the desert landsape softening away behind the figure. There is humility in…

scared of one's own shadow

From January 2013.

site a, fence (2013)

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Here's to you, Robert Heinecken

These pictures are details from the an ad flyer that came through the door, promoting the Savers store in town. It folds out to A2 size and is printed on tissue-thin paper. It is so thin that the images and text on the other side show through strongly if the light is from behind, making it almost impossible to read but visually very appealing.

There were a lot of images of women used, none of men. It made me think of Robert Heinecken (1931-2006). 


color mask

nice 'n easy

vase study #1

vase #2

New Builds

post industrial self-portrait



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