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Aneta GrzeszykowskaL Selfie #4, (2014)

Aneta Grzeszykowska: Halina #11, (2016)

collectordaily review and 11R gallery.

Nidaa Badwan: 100 Days of Solitude; Code: 12, (2014)

collectordaily review, and Postmasters gallery. Badwan confined herself to her room in Gaza for 20 months.

John Baldessari: An Artist is Not Merely the Slavish Announcer, 1966-68

(Pic: Melanie Biehle)

Lee Krasner: The Seasons, 1957

(pic: Melanie Biehle)

Nick Drake: Fly, & Nina Adamowicz interview

Nina Adamowicz interview, Jan 2015

Saquan Stimpson: The Woodrow Wilson Tigers' national anthem protest

Non-binary 10 year old interview

BBC website

Robert Polidori: Sixty Feet Road, (Paul Kasmin gallery, NY)

collectordaily review

Crispin Blunt MP, Chairman of Foreign Affairs Committe: Libya report

It's a good day for honesty in politics - link

"The limited intervention to protect civilians had drifted into an opportunist policy of regime change. That policy was not underpinned by a strategy to support and shape post-Gaddafi Libya."

Sally Gall: Aerial, 2015

collectordaily and Julie Saul gallery

Sally Gall's photographs of clothes on washing lines, photographed from below.


I just found out I had a Google drive, and in it one stray photo.

Where things are temporarily positioned on a construction site

One of the best books I've read in a long time is 'Panama Fever' by Matthew Parker. It pulls in every aspect of the project imaginable, and in doing so reveals far more about humanity (and inhumanity) within its account than any but the best work of fiction ever could hope to do. It is genuinely epic in detailing the scale of the endeavour in all its many aspects.

After several weeks not taking any photos today I cycled out to site B, the new build housing estate being constructed on the site of a former factory. The usual materials and equipment were lying around, some in to-hand readiness, some seemingly discarded, and saw them differently. Like the Panama canal and any other construction site that will finally complete, all the mess falls away in the end. Despite the temporary appearance of chaos, the struggle to organise and control, that which was envisioned years before, that was once the initial idea, which became a drawing, has become an epicentre of effort for a t…

TAR word, with white blue and green

aircrete blocks, with blue and yellow


metal in plastic sheeting, detail

metal in plastic sheeting

professional concrete

discarded planking (for A. Steiglitz)

discarded metal

paint on concrete: pink, yellow, blue, black, red

Found sculpture 2: 'Untitled' (wood, plastic sheeting, parcel tape)

Found sculpture: 'Grovebury' (paving slabs, polythene, plastic, adhesive label)



In the hole, construction site

Uncertain States Open 2016


Lydia Goldblatt selected by James Russell Cant, Chris Dorley Brown selected by Cathy Lomax, Klaus Thymannselected by Joy Gregory, Nick Sargeant selected by Bob and Roberta Smith, Aviv Yaron selected by Susan Derges, Steff Jamieson selected by Shoair Mavlian , Liz Orton selected by Sue Steward, Sam Ivin selected by Johanna Neurath and Jonty Sale selected by Uncertain States. 

Thursday 3rd November 2016: Private View and Exhibition opens to public.

Taylor Swift: Shake It Off