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Moby Grape: I Am Not Willing

Listening to Lloyd Cole's 2006 Anti-depressant CD the last couple of days and 'I Am No Longer Willing' is twinkling & sorrowful in a way I like. I don't remember being so enraptured by it back then. And it kind of doesn't really fit with the rest of the album (or that of his previous fab release 'Music In A Foreign Language'), and looking at the liner notes I found it was a cover of a song by Peter Lewis.
Written in the late 60's it was performed by San Francisco rock band Moby Grape, who I'd never heard of. This is their original version and it is totally brilliant. I adore the way it starts, collapsing into being. Sounds like they'd been working on it over and over again in a Californian recording studio with failing air-con. It's tired out before it even begins. The lyric, achingly sad, the vocal, tender, eternal.