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Viviane Sassen: Carven

self-portrait in fog, (fail)

in the morning at breakfast there was a deep and gloomy fog, frustratingly hiding the view of the sea below, so deep it was even hiding the lawn in front of the bank of windows of the hotel restaurant, they were uniformly filled with the soft, gray light, and in this long period room  it felt like being on board a graf zeppelin.  having giving up on seeing the longed-for view until lunch-time i thought it was instead an opportunity to set off down one of the pathways and find a lonely place on the desolate cliffs, and place my camera behind me, both close and farther back, and take some pictures stooed back to camera in this black nightie, being enveloped by the swirling cold vapour.  and then i heard someone say 'it's lifting' and like a dripping blanket being thrown up and off a bed the sea threw the clouds back up onto the land, in streaming tatters, remorselessly far back upon the hills.

Casper David Friedrich: Wanderer Above The Sea of Fog, (1818)

chair in a corridor




Various frequencies

North Sea

Leonard Richmond (1889-1965), St Enodoc, Padstow, Cornwall

Lindsay Morris

Lindsay Morris, more images

Lindsay Morris interview

Lindsay Morris: Kindred

Lindsay Morris: Joined

Lindsay Morris: Hairspray

Lindsay Morris: Concrete

Lindsay Morris: Strapless

Lindsay Morris: Waiting

Lindsay Morris: trans-kids summer camp

collectordaily review

clampart website

Ciaran Og Arnold: I Went to the Worst of Bars Hoping to Get Killed. But All I Could Do Was to Get Drunk Again.

Osamu Yokonami: Sasayama

LOS became... electronic band Death Rattle


A long, long time ago, when all my photography was based around going to gigs I saw three piece grunge band LOS - a few times in fact; twice in my home town and once in South London, Wimbledon to be precise.  They were very likeable and I was lucky enough to have them stop over at my house once after a set and got to take some pics of them before they headed back.  I still proudly wear the LOS t-shirt I got given that day : ) The were stand out for a classy vocal backed by playing that was technically impressive even holding together - just - when exploding into the realms of the frantic and violent.  Excellent.

The Small Print: 'Wax Witch"

from a lifetime ago

unexpectedly enjoying the sound of cars while I'm in bed on a sunday morning

Catherine Opie: Josh, 2007

Portrait of Josh - one of Tyler Green's favourite photographs... Modern Art Notes interview

Burk Uzzle: Wall with Paint and Man, Santa Barbara, California, 1975

Steven Kasher gallery, and collectordaily review

Velvet Underground: I'm Sticking With You

re-visit, site A and me

Nick Cave: Into My Arms

In a garden on my street

proof that the sky is made of glass

It's ages since I went to 'site b' (and building at 'site a' finished a year ago).  I've been busy. Practical things like DIY, and the subsequent DIY to remedy that first DIY. etc.  I went.  I cycled, tee-shirt weather, on automatic.  And when I go there the usual first reaction 'there's nothing here', as in there's nothing photographic I can do here, nothing possible.  It's as unappetising as a sack of vegetables, and although I'm a vegetarian I'm not partial to vegetables.  But immediately following on, overlapping even, that first reaction is 'oh well I'm here now and I'm going to do it anyway' because I always do.

In the month or two since I've last been they've done a lot of landscaping (some of the major excavations have been filled back in) and doubled the number of completed or near-competed properties.  It won't be long till half the huge site is occupied.  Realising that the extent of 'indete…

Untitled, (Untitled)

self-portrait landscape with my arm

self-portrait landscape without my arm


unexpected discovery of water on the moon

Found, Lee Friedlander's shadow

work in progress #2

work in progress #1

rubbish photo

I think of you often, Lewis Baltz (1945-2014)

small print #2

small print #1

Mum: recipe, (c. 1985)

Georges Seurat: The Channel At Gravelines, Evening, (1890)

Nikolay Bakharev: Relationship #49, (1991-1994), from The People of Town N

The People of Town N collectordaily review and gallery link

Richard Ansett: Gizmo & Tequila, (2015)

Tim Roda: Hidden Father 4, (2015)

review at collectordaily

some spilled raindrops

Before the storm