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Melvin Edwards: Begin Again (Lynch Fragment), 1979

Modern Art Notes podcast

Mel Chin: HOME y SEW 9, (1994)

Modern Arts Notes podcast

Wendy Ewald: Amal, 2013

Jan Groover (1943-2012)

NY times obituary

Alex Prager by Martin Savenije

Personal growth

The little front gardens of the five other houses on this little strip of terrace overlooking the river are all perfectly respectable, mine is not - and it's maybe only 20' by 15'. It's a bit of a state, in fact. So today I went and got 200 plant bulbs and found a cannister of wild flower seeds they do. So, unless I muck it up (quite likely) this little space could end up being fairly awesometacular. As for the cannister thing - last summer riding home (to the previous address) I used to cycle past a courtyard where someone must have sprinkled a similar container of these wild flower seeds around the base of a tree and they were absolutely one of the brilliantest best things about last year, or any other year. They were unequivocably a wonderful thing, in a total kind of way, and there's not many things in life that are like that. Most amazing things are a mixed bag (part joy, part despair), but wild flowers, no, they are simply the world giving one of its be…

New clothes

I'd seen this dress in December but was scrimping and saving so despite trying it on in the changing room resisted buying. Today I popped in and was ammmmmMMazed to find it hadn't sold (makes me wonder about my taste in clothes if no-one else wants it) and I also saw a little black jacket which I'd had a thing for since noticing every girl in town was wearing them last summer. That's when I noticed the 'two for the price of one' notice. Eek. The dress is a 12 and the jacket a 16 - and I'm a 14. They have come to a good home nevertheless. Straight to my room to try them on for fit - and a bright spark of happiness flew, (best word I can think of for it); intimate lightning, the possibility of metamorphosis. I have a little spare bedroom, wonky shape and quite small, which is not as good for photos as in the last house but useful should I start doing proper dress-up shoots again one day. If I did I'll have to move a plug socket and pull up the n…

contortion distortion

configure this

this is your room


what you gave away

Deb Lowe

the big E

sierra nevada mountains by moonlight in my bedroom on a saturday afternoon

partially open closet door

leaves against dark water

Valentine's Day, 2015

Nina Simone: 'Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues' (Bob Dylan)

Abelardo Morrell: Tent Camera Image on Ground: View of the Golden Gate Bridge from Battery Yates, 2012

Peter Oakley: Stack 1, White Marble, 2011

included in Artillery review of 'My Kid Couldn't Do That' show

Dan Witz: Vision of Disorder, Frieze Triptych, 2013

Painted photographs. One panel from triptych.  See

Alec Soth: Dave and Trish, Denver, Colorado, 2013

Alec Soth: Bill, Antlers, Oklahoma, 2014


How nice it is to find oneself pinned.  Thanks to Catherine Banks for adding me to her photography likes.

Liz Nielsen: Wonderland

her website, and collectordaily review

Joseph Nicéphore Niépce : 1826 or 1827

The world's first photograph. Taken from a window of his Le Gras home; bitumen on tin plate, with an eight hour exposure time.

"Above the bed in my tokyo apartment hangs a poster nearly one metre wide hangs the image taken by Niecpe at Saint-Loup" - Daido Moriyama

Ori Gersht: On Reflection, Fusion, 2014

CRG gallery website and collectordaily review

Photographs of shattering mirrors reflecting flowers arranged to resemble paintings by J. Brueghel the Elder.  

Ori Gersht: Hiroshima Sleepless Nights: Never Again 02, 2010


It was a sunny Sunday.  Put the washing on the line and set off on my bike out to site B, only to find excavators and diggers busily scraping and churning around.  After waiting an hour and the sun settling lower and lower in the end I just slithered down the embankment and did my best to avoid being seen. I wanted to attempt the in-camera stitched wavy houses shot again from a couple of weeks ago (when the light had been flat, the sky paper white).  For a while kept out of sight behind mounds of earth and gravel but eventually drifted out into the open to try and get the opened-out viewpoint.  It still didn't come out right.  They'll have finished building those houses by the time I figure it out.

splintering sun

the radio goes here

home-making choices

past and future lives


Carla van de Puttelaar: Untitled, 2001

George Tice: Petit's Mobil Station, 1974

Robert Frank: Chicago, 1962

Thierry Cohen: Binary Kid 1, 2006-2007

Thierry Cohen: Darkened Cities; Rio de Janeiro 22° 56' 42'' S 2011-06-04 Lst 12:34

Philip Jones Griffiths: Recollections