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c. 2013

Keith Roper: Norfolk Beach

Frida Kahlo


Lewis Baltz's photographs show things exactly for what they are and yet often they seem peculiarly interested in the unknowability of things.

His 'New Industrial Parks Near Irvine, California' made in the early 1970s simultaneously reveal a surface with great fidelity while pointedly failing to penetrate beyond those surfaces. One of the things always I liked about the work, apart from the obvious fomal beauty, was the seeming lack of explanation about anything. In an interview with Jeff Rian Baltz simply says," They were from the area I drove through to go from where I lived in Laguna Beach to Claremont College where I taught. There was nothing in Irvine when I grew up, but things were going up fast".

His series made nearly twenty years later, 'Sites of Technology', moves from B&W pictures made outside to colour images made inside, and in Europe rather than North America although they could be taken anywhere really, in the post-industrial world. And…

the fence, december 2015

fence, vertical

at the fence

inverted earth

curvature of the earth

old fence/new fence

landscape with fence




Mel Kendrick: Sub-stratum

Eirik Johnson: Portraits of the Tattered Fringe

Kate Bush: Moments of Pleasure

& 25th November

Jeff Wall: Listener, 2015

I saw this photograph at the Marian Goodman gallery recently.  I'd initially (and lazily) read it as the guy on the ground being an unfortunate victim. Going back and spending several minutes working out all the choices that Jeff Wall made in fabricating this scene - from the actors, the clothing, shoes, body language, hands, the eye contact with the guy on the left whose arms remain folded, I ended up realising that in fact the guy on the ground was actually the transgressor facing his just desserts.

Linger on

I got this guitar maybe six months ago and finally got around to hanging it on the wall this afternoon. Considering the seemingly small size of the job fitting the holder it was amazing how the house looked like an earthquake had hit it and scattered all my belongings everywhere by the time I'd finished. When I got the guitar I had seriously considered trying to learn to play 'Pale Blue Eyes' but have always seem to be distracted by doing something less important instead ever since.

A nearly expanse of blue sky

I was in bed till half eleven cos it was cold and I decided to stay warm and listen to a Radio 3 'Composer of the Week' podcast instead (Louise Ferrenc). It was a stunningly sunny day when I finally opened the curtains and I thought I'd go out and take pics later. But by the time I'd had breakfast and checked the forecast it was was expected to cloud over by noon. Oh. So without taking the time to brush my teeth I sped off to site B. The expansive blue sky was smudging over and I didn't quite make it in time. Halfway along the 150M fence (and after a delay due to a camera malfunction) the cloud arrived. The weather, like everything else, it's changeable.

landscape as verb

everything is new

spots of red

ground level viewpoint

blurred leaf #2

obscured view of tree

ghost of Atget


blurred leaf #1

Raoul Ries: All You Need Is A Red Bicycle, 2014

Wang Ningde: Some Days No. 58, 2009

David George: Hackney By Night (book launch Nov 19th)

Hoxton minipress
Book Launch:
Thursday 19th November
6:30 - 9:30pm
Mile End Art Pavillion
Clinton Road, E3 4QY

site B: new fence #3

The forecast was 80% chance of rain but while there were only a few drops once I got to site B the cloud was nevertheless fairly heavy. The Merrill camera blows highlights very easily and as the LCD and histogram are both unreliable it was a matter of taking repeat shots and reviewing with exposure warning overlay to show up problems handling any part of the sky.  I still erred on the side of caution and at times was under-exposing by a stop. Converting to web size files always brightens them back up about a stop but the original files are very gloomy, which I quite like.

A brand new shiny metal fence had appeared since I was last there a couple of weeks ago.  At site A I eventually noticed the tendency at construction sites to keep renewing fences.  It's up there with randomly moving huge mounds of earth, hard core or debris from one place to another and then back again as something they do. These wire fences are six feet high and clipped together, it's a bit awkward but not …

site B: new fence #2

site B: new fence #1

Juergen Teller: Kim Kardashian

Uncertain States 2015: Laura Hynd

Uncertain States 2015: Spencer Rowell

Uncertain States 2015: David George

Uncertain States 2015: Franciso Gomez de Villaboa

Uncertain States 2015: Fiona Yaron-Field

Uncertain States 2015: Richard Ansett

Self portrait, National Gallery

'Like A Rolling Stone', Covent Garden, London

National Gallery, London

Grayson Perry inspired dress?

Christian Richter: The abandoned buildings of the Eastern bloc

على الشاطئ

les coleurs des arbres et la mer

die Farben der Bäume und das Meer

na dathanna de na crainn agus an fharraige

колір моря