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alles in der Weise

im Stil der

Bäume vor der neu gebauten Häuser

Barkley Hendricks: Family Jules: NNN (No Naked Niggahs), 1974

Dorothea Lange: White Angel Breadline, 1933

Kris Vervaeke: Ad Infinitum

memorial portraits from headstones in a Hong Kong cemetery, via Photo-eye

Moyra Davey: Baudelaire's grave in Montparnasse cemetery

Photograph folded and posted, stamps and address labels intermingling with the image
via The Guardian, also a review on collectordaily

Jamey Stillings: #13212 November 1, 2013

via Photo-eye

Little, the new bigger

I like small, unassuming cameras that don't cost very much. Apart from not having to worry about dropping and breaking one they are just like any other camera in that they can record what stuff looks like and are equally good (and perhaps in some ways better) when it comes to conveying ideas.

I'm surprised how good the IQ is these days.  This is a head to head between a 16 Mpx Sony WX60 point & shoot with 1/2.3 sensor (and Zeiss lens) and an 18 Mpx Canon EOS M with APS sensor (fitted with the decent 18-55 Canon kit zoom, set to 20mm and f5.6), mirrorless but comparable to an entry-mid level DSLR in IQ. The Sony is near it's wide end, too - and at the only aperture it offers at that focal length! This is the centre portion of a wide field of view with no resizing of the shot at 100 per cent actual pixels, of OOC jpegs and with no post sharpening (apart from the PS default applied at the time of 'save for web'), just a tweak of levels and desaturation as…

clothes hanger dialectic


Mm, it's been ages since having a dress up shoot, and probably was especially needed in reaction to all the messy slugs and snails DIY jobs that I've been spending all my free time doing lately.  And it was in fact a perfect excuse for skiving off actually doing DIY for an hour.
F R E E D O Mm

black and light


Carla Klein: untitled works (2013-2014)

via Modern Art Notes

I particularly like the way some of her landscapes mimic - presumably accidentally - the effect of a failed in-camera sweep panorama (where the software outputs an incomplete image with missing data rendered as a black end segment).


Michael Northrup: Beautiful Ecstasy (2003)

via Photoeye

Type 1 and a half

Thinking theory

Jeff Rich: Watershed Part I - A Survey of the French Broad River Basin

via Flak, and his website

Chris Norriss:

via Flak

Palmer Davis: Guardian Angel (Here and Now series)

From his 'Here and Now' series, and via Flak

Alfred Leslie

Barbara Probst: Exposure #104: N.Y.C., Vanderbilt & Lafayette Avenues, 1.13.13, 9:50 a.m.

various lines

Various walls

Around five o'clock, it's the edge of Spring on my street

Darkness at Noon

Barbara Kruger: We Are Not Made For Each Other, 1983

Alison Rossiter: ‘Nepera Velox’ expired August 1906 processed in 2010

Alison Rossiter was a recent MAN podcast guest.  Her photography practice was transformed when having ordered large format film she was incorrectly sent a box of print paper that was decades past its expiry date.

Joshua Dudley Greer: A Woman Trimming Flowers in a Garden on a Bridge, Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts, 2013

Joshua Dudley Greer: Parkton, Maryland, 2005


Walking uphill late afternoon it was cold but the bright sunlight and seeing and remembering made so much appealing along the way, smiling, wishing this was the first of five lifetimes