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Yellow face moon, and golfer

According to the moonrise calculator the actual full moon was half past midnight last night.  I was about to go to bed and had a sudden guilt trip that I should be using that intense light so instead I went and got the camera and tripod and was out the door and down the street. 

It was very creepy at the fence of the building site.  After the torrential rain earlier there was belated dripping through the trees right behind where I was shooting, made more intense by an otherwise perfect stillness.  I thought someone was watching me nearby and having encountered thieves a few nights ago I didn't stay long.   Home at half one and listened to the excellent Grayson Perry and was asleep by 3.  

Woken by a dog barking at 7 and sounds from next door.  Tired and hoping it wasn't a Monday morning, but when I noticed a shining hint of blue on the horizon I crawled out of bed and went out again with camera and tripod for an hour.   The yellow-faced moon had swung across half the sky since I'd last seen it. 

As I'd got close to the site there was a humoungous machine noise coming from somewhere ahead.  It was still so dark it took a while to notice that it was someone driving a mowing machine at full pelt on the golf course.  I soon found out why he was cutting the grass so early when golfers suddenly started turning up in their dozens as the sun rose.
Home and asleep by 9.30.