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Photography becomes sculpture becomes architechture

There's an open submission deadline coming up soon at the local gallery that I'd been thinking of sending something in for.  One of the selectors is a former Turner Prize winner, Mark Leckey.

I am fairly sure any of my photography would stand no chance of making it even as far as a very long shortlist, but I had at the back of my mind considered that perhaps my small book might become 'more' than just a lot of images; if each page was individually framed in small IKEA white frames and installed as a long 'horizon line' right around the whole gallery.

Last night I was looking for something to use as a dust cover for the two blocks of pages, and liked the way it suddenly became sculptural.  In fact I now think it would make a half decent art gallery design.

I haven't got around to adding some trees and miniature people yet to complete the effect, but rest assured there is provision for a cafe with outdoor seating and a skateboard/bmx park tucked away at the back alongside the loading bays.  I haven't decided yet if it's feasible to have either a swimming pool or ski slope on the roof... or maybe the ski slope ends in the swimming pool.