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Grayson Perry:

The Independent profiles Grayson Perry who will be on Radio 4 next week. Considering the paper the comments that follow the piece are surprisingly denigrating.

  • Eastbister 
    Ah meet the Widow Twanky of the phoney art world. A slightly tacky pantomimic tribute act paying homage to an ego trip of his own cheesy desires.

    A decent enough draughtsman though no more than an average 6th former doing a subsid subject. Without the cross dressing he would be just a very average 'artist'.

  • droochus 
    Studied fine art at Portsmouth Polytechnic, did he? That explains a lot.

  • Gussy Fink-nottle 

    Grayson perry: A weird very average artist, that lacks articulate and coherent conversation.

  • Jamie Bakeridge 

    But why is he wearing women's clothes? Why was this question not posed? Does he have gender dysphoria? If so, I sympathise, and I hope he will be able to get treatment. If not, why? Is he just bringing his sexual kinks into the public sphere? If so, why does the journalist not challenge him on that? Or would the Indy be totally accepting if David Cameron dressed in bondage gear for interviews? Of course not. This sort of journalism undermines the Indy (and the Guardian) by just accepting people who deliberately choose to non-conform for the sake of it.

    • LingoStu Jamie Bakeridge 

      Your comment made me think - who decides what are "women's" clothes? OK, clothes are often manufactured with a particular body shape in mind and a person's sex is one determiner of body shape but, at the end of the day, they are just bits of cloth. Does it really matter what style of bits of cloth someone wears?
      I'm not sure it does.

      • Jamie Bakeridge LingoStu 

        True. So if all clothes are just bits of cloth, why is it that he chooses to wear the bits of cloth that our prejudices say are women's bits of cloth? I do not dispute his right to do so, but if this is just a sexual kink that he is playing out in a national newspaper as opposed to genuine gender dysphoria, surely this impacts on whether he is a credible subject of comment in such national newspaper??

        • LingoStu Jamie Bakeridge 

          "why is it that he chooses to wear the bits of cloth that our prejudices say are women's bits of cloth?"
          Why do you care? You have accepted they are just bits of cloth and that he has the right to wear them, so why is it any concern of yours what he wears?
          "but if this is just a sexual kink that he is playing out in a national newspaper as opposed to genuine gender dysphoria"
          So you are limiting the possibilities to just a simple binary, then? It is EITHER a "sexual kink" OR else it must be "gender dysphoria". It may be sexual. Or it may be that he simply likes the way the clothes look, or feel, or that they reflect some aspect of his personality. Alternatively, he might have a bit of gender dysphoria. Not everyone who has this syndrome either wants to go the whole hog, or has the opportunity to do so. In the case of Mr Perry, he has a wife and family, so he could possibly have decided losing them would be too high a price to pay. But who are we to judge? If he likes to wear these kinds of clothes, who is he hurting?
          If you want to judge him on his art - fine. I don't think it's worthy of the name "art", personally, but if he chooses to wear garments that are, in our culture at this particular moment in history, more commonly associated with female human beings than male human beings, then I say good for him. If it makes him happy, he is right to do it.

  • Kate999999 
    My heart tells me that Grayson should be left alone to do what he does in peace, my judgement however tells me that his work should not be taken too seriously

  • justejudexultionis 

    Gender-f**k says NO.

  • LingoStu

    OK, he's a fun character, but a serious artist? Nah!

  • ChiefWhiteHalfOat 

    "Grayson Perry: A very modern cross-dressing artist"
    Grayson Perry - a total fecking jackass in his Emperor's clothes. Artist? Excuse me while I have hysterics.