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Andy Hendriksen: camera review, 2012

Sometimes shopping online for dresses, photobooks or camera bargains is how I avoid doing real stuff where I have to make a decision of some sort. But I've not been more than dipping a toe (photobooks) for the last few weeks while slogging away at printing out my BIG 1400+ PAGE (AND THAT'S ONLY SO FAR) BOOK ( the tag 'little' can now be dispensed with, I think).  Until today - and now it's cameras. It all started when after breakfast I framed an old 40" x 30" landscape and dropped a matt/mount over it, effectively cropping it down to the central portion, which changed the aspect ratio to 4:3 - digicam format, and it looked a lot better.  A couple of pictures I had printed big recently were natively in that format and it's a squat, chunky shape that knows what it is and is just fine being that way and no hang-ups about not being skinny - which is growing on me.  3:2 is starting to look a bit catwalk and chocolate bars, and not in an appealing way. Were that possible.

So a day spent reading camera reviews till they are all mixed up in my brain and a mush of peas and potatoes.  But, well, I didn't really want another camera anyway.  I don't think it's happened before, or if it has it's not very common, but one reviewer of the Canon G1X, Andy Hendriksen, included a sample photograph which is fab, the tonal values are particularly lovely.  And, yes, I like the shape, too.