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Cheap paper, the wrong way round

The ink jets of my old Epson Stylus printer were pretty clogged up after years of minimal use (the occasional discount coupon), but an online tip of parking the heads over strips of J-cloth soaked with window cleaner spray has helped unblock them.  So in a lo-fi photography way I might make a low-tech home-made photo book, using just plain copier paper and cheap, non-archival inks (off eBay).

The colour management seems to have taken care of itself (well, it's sort of nearly right) and after seeing a few test prints I'm thinking of reversing the convention of looking at pictures 'the right way around'.

The thin 80gm paper is hardly able to hold and absorb the quantity of ink dumped onto it during printing, and flipping the pages over a faint reversed image is visible.  The paper also shows some crumpling from the over-wetting followed by protracted drying.