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80gm paper translucency

As the 'big little book' turns out to be far bigger than I expected it was going to be I have had to make repeated trips to Staples to stock up on paper.  Originally I picked a kind that I hope they will still stock in a couple of years so I can maintain continuity if it (or I) go on that long.  Part of the plan was for a lo-fi ethic and regular HP 80gm paper seemed the minimum to be able to both mop up the ink and also have a slight cheap transulency which I quite like.  I had previously bought greaseproof paper to either print on (unfortunately the ink forms clusters of small dots and smears easily long afterwards) or lay it over images to diffuse them (which would probably be a bit annoying after two pages let alone several hundreds).

(I've darkened this a bit to emphasise how images merge a little through the paper)