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PhotoBox are an online photo printing service that let you turn off 'auto adjustments' in your account preferences - this means that the file you upload is printed without any 'helpful fixing' on their part, of exposure or colour.  They are super-cheap and fast, too.

So, being in a hurry and not having much success with my inkjet printing I gave them a go.  The print quality is very good, they use Fuji archival paper and there is good detail and clean colour (which appears a little cooler than on my eMac which is currently calibrated for Blurb book making).  There is also very accurate positioning in the center of the paper.  The only negative I can spot is that they fall short of a 255 white, there is a slightly creamy off-white base.  It's only noticeably when fitted within an ultra-white mounting board.  The matt surface is smart, looking more contemporary than gloss, which I also tried.  So I'm very impressed - and they are faster and more economical than a pro-service who took two days to reply to an email to tell me they were busy at this time of year and didn't want to guarantee a despatch date.