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Small sensor cameras

After breakfast I walked down to the demolition/building site at the bottom of the road. I never expect to be given permission to take photographs (health and safety, fear of theft, general paranoia and negativity) but again got a yes today.  Although I had to stay out of the demoltion area which included the factory where asbestos is being stripped out from.  Damn.

Still for a couple of hours I got to shoot rubble and stuff.  The clay was sticking to my boots and trousers after the heavy rain we had yesterday.  I liked the rain on the new house foundations and the lettering on packs of bricks and vehicles.

I don't liked editing anymore.  It's the fear of realising that all this 'purpose' is in fact meaningless. So here is frame number one from today, I've not looked at any others and am just backing them up to external hard drives (I use two nowadays and have stopped burning to DVDs).  The small sensor W380, like any other small sensor camera, offers massive depth of field - something dSLR users must really miss.  I also shoot with an APS-C sized sensor R1 which does better in other areas.  When I'm shooting I keep swopping both cameras around - the downside is that whichever one is hanging round my neck or off my wrist is swaying about while I try and hold the one I am using steady.  It would be too slow to keep putting one down.  How people use large format cameras with tripods - that's a totally different psychology.