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Aneta GrzeszykowskaL Selfie #4, (2014)

Aneta Grzeszykowska: Halina #11, (2016)

Nidaa Badwan: 100 Days of Solitude; Code: 12, (2014)

John Baldessari: An Artist is Not Merely the Slavish Announcer, 1966-68

Lee Krasner: The Seasons, 1957

Nick Drake: Fly, & Nina Adamowicz interview

Saquan Stimpson: The Woodrow Wilson Tigers' national anthem protest

Non-binary 10 year old interview

Robert Polidori: Sixty Feet Road, (Paul Kasmin gallery, NY)

Crispin Blunt MP, Chairman of Foreign Affairs Committe: Libya report

Sally Gall: Aerial, 2015


Where things are temporarily positioned on a construction site

TAR word, with white blue and green

aircrete blocks, with blue and yellow


metal in plastic sheeting, detail

metal in plastic sheeting

professional concrete

discarded planking (for A. Steiglitz)

discarded metal

paint on concrete: pink, yellow, blue, black, red

Found sculpture 2: 'Untitled' (wood, plastic sheeting, parcel tape)

Found sculpture: 'Grovebury' (paving slabs, polythene, plastic, adhesive label)



In the hole, construction site

Uncertain States Open 2016

Sarah Harrison, wikileaks editor

Taylor Swift: Shake It Off