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detail 2


detail 1

site B

cement spill

Martin Hannett & Katharine Hamnett

Lori Nix: Subway (from 'The City' series), 2012

Joy Division: Ceremony

Erica Beckman, Clean Plate Pictures: Jessica Lopez and Lauren Hare, 2013

Cris Toala-Olivares: Niln, West Bank, 2009

a summer night


Hole, with machinery at the bottom

hole, with containers at the top


post-demolition soil

site b

while waiting for the clouds to change at site b


sunset and pearls

elephant ears

grass after haircut

the thing that grows in the wall

not much of a garden but it's enough

Jason Eskenazi: The Americans List

Asako Narahashi: Kawaguchikom, (Ever After series), 2003

Richard Ansett: Human Puppy, Clapham Common, UK

shells on the beach


sunlight and sky (hub)


contre jour (legs)

Julia Borissova: Dimitry, 2016

various angles

window A

window B

Six, from 'English Hedgerows in the Autumn' series

Jack Kerouac: The Dharma Bums, (1958)