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Viviane Sassen: Carven

self-portrait in fog, (fail)

chair in a corridor




Various frequencies

North Sea

Leonard Richmond (1889-1965), St Enodoc, Padstow, Cornwall

Lindsay Morris

Lindsay Morris, more images

Lindsay Morris interview

Lindsay Morris: Kindred

Lindsay Morris: Joined

Lindsay Morris: Hairspray

Lindsay Morris: Concrete

Lindsay Morris: Strapless

Lindsay Morris: Waiting

Lindsay Morris: trans-kids summer camp

Ciaran Og Arnold: I Went to the Worst of Bars Hoping to Get Killed. But All I Could Do Was to Get Drunk Again.

Osamu Yokonami: Sasayama

LOS became... electronic band Death Rattle


The Small Print: 'Wax Witch"

unexpectedly enjoying the sound of cars while I'm in bed on a sunday morning

Catherine Opie: Josh, 2007

Burk Uzzle: Wall with Paint and Man, Santa Barbara, California, 1975

Velvet Underground: I'm Sticking With You

re-visit, site A and me

Nick Cave: Into My Arms

In a garden on my street

proof that the sky is made of glass

Untitled, (Untitled)

self-portrait landscape with my arm

self-portrait landscape without my arm


unexpected discovery of water on the moon

Found, Lee Friedlander's shadow

work in progress #2

work in progress #1

rubbish photo

I think of you often, Lewis Baltz (1945-2014)

small print #2

small print #1

Mum: recipe, (c. 1985)

Georges Seurat: The Channel At Gravelines, Evening, (1890)

Nikolay Bakharev: Relationship #49, (1991-1994), from The People of Town N

Richard Ansett: Gizmo & Tequila, (2015)

Tim Roda: Hidden Father 4, (2015)

some spilled raindrops

Before the storm