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Crisp factory on Christmas Day

Walkers Crisps, Lincoln. Site for production of Quavers and Sensations. Owned by Pepsico.

Barbara Probst: Exposure #1: N.Y.C., 545 8th Avenue, 01.07.00, 10:37 p.m. 2000

This is totally fabulous.
Higher Pictures gallery. Collectordaily review. Her website.

dress, shoes, sheet, mattress, carpet, self

scrapyard wall

Jackson Pollock (1912–1956 ): AUTUMN RHYTHM (NUMBER 30), 1950

Mark Rothko (1903 - 1970): UNTITLED (RED AND BURGUNDY OVER BLUE), 1969

壁 wall


I went back to the scrapyard before breakfast.
I've done a lot of fence/wall projects. This is the prettiest.


two minutes after the sun

After photographing the warzone hedges every weekend for a month and being tired at work I was set upon a do-nothing, non-photography weekend. But the morning was super mild and the sun was making a rare appearance on a Saturday. I eventually grabbed the camera early afternoon. The non-chilly air was wonderful to set off cycling through.

After taking some pictures of the factory gate/and through the gate at the cleared factory I rode down to the site of the former tallest industrial building and wandered through a torn down bit of fencing onto some wasteland nearby. It's not anywhere, or anything, I've been able to tie-in with the web of what I've done over the last decade, but there is an immense rusting wall around the scrapyard back there and eventually I noticed some glittering yellow leaves catching the last shimmer of sun as it dipped and faded behind cloud, up close to the dark metal. I was too slow to realise how good it looked and how soon it would be gone and by …

View from the gate, site c, december 19