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Robert Longo: raft

charcoal on paper, over 23 feet wide, that's a lot of charcoal

Robert Adams: Perfect Places, Perfect Company

Picture of his wife, Kirsten, who accompanied him on his walks through reservation land in Colorado.


Joe Deal

obituary from 2010 in LA Times

breakage makeage

from the wall

Henry Wessel


the nitty gritty

closed council building

self-portrait without me in a landscape

touched by the clouds, touched by the sun

other people's rooms #168

line drawn by the sea

up-ended world

It's not uncommon for pan sweep images to come out of the camera in vertical format, probably as a result of me rotating the camera in a wave around the sensor axis, rather than turning it horizontally. Whenever they download/preview on the computer that way around then that's the way they are used.

nettles and broken concrete

It's a warm evening and on the way to buy chocolate I de-toured. The factory site looks really bare as the last of the side walls have been finally chopped out. It's very exposed now across most all of the 19 acres and increasingly hard to remember what a dark, heavy presence these old industrial buildings had exerted on the surrounding area. Light now spills everywhere more easily and the line of sight is unbroken for hundreds of yards. The warm air seemed full of dirtiness and was heavier with the odour of methane and grit as the scab of concrete is completley cracked open.

Big Thief - Cattails (Official Audio)

Brian Griffin: Rocket Man, Dungeness, Kent, 1979

MMX gallery

Johnny Marr invites nuisance fan onstage to accompany him with This Char...

Martin Godoy: Construction Time Again

Chris Killip; perseverence, and running away

Huckmag on Chris Killip

After the dust has settled

A lovely evening and a growing craving for white chocolate meant an impromptu cycle ride to Lidl by way of the demolition site. The crashing that could be heard, and felt, from there early this morning had been tremendous, and unexpected, as everything that could be flattened had already been flattened. It was as if they had to resort to knocking excavators over. What was going on?

As per usual machinery had been parked inside the gate, blocking the view, placed there to protect the scrap metal being trucked out by thieves. After a couple of minutes stood in the road making a few sweep pans I could hear a vehicle approaching at high speed on the road behind me. Without looking back I wandered over to the pavement. The car maintained speed, and seemed to be on course to hit into the gate when it braked shaprly and skidded crookedly to a halt. A cloud of dust billowed up into the air - which I pathetically failed to take a picture of. Thieves, I presumed who had bottled the battering do…