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out of the blue

into the black

evening light on the demolition site

Alanis Morissette - Everything

Adrian Ghenie: The Fake Rothko, 2010

factory gate, obstructed view

This truck had been left parked up against the gate at the nearby demolition site, the gate through which I've been taking photographs every weekend for several months now. There is only a small hole in the middle of that gate that is big enough to get a hand and camera through, so I've been effectively limited to this one viewpoint all along, and today this vehicle effectively obstructed most of the field of view.  I suspect it's there to help keep out thieves presumably helping themselves to metals, as the gate itself shows signs of many previous attacks and subsequent repair.

The distant line of trees, to the right of the frame, behind a salvage skip and the resting grab-claw, is pretty much the only thing that locates this image as consistent to prior framing, although there is a bit of the caged water tank on the right edge, also being used to prevent the gate being opened.

Robert Mapplethorpe: Orchids, 1989

The Robert Mapplethorpe Flowers Collection page at

John Divola: Untitled, 1990

MOIS landscape

before the rain


trees, vertical