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Alanis Morissette - Thank U

Karl Martin Holzhäuser, Lichtmalerei, (1985-93)

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yossi milo gallery

Rodney Graham: Vacuuming the Gallery, 1949, (2018)

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Sidney Nolan, Antarctica paintings, (1964)

Antactic explorers

Sidney Nolan and Cindy Sherman

Former Homebase

Stephen Gill - The Pillar, (2015)

Stephen Gill:  "The landscape that surrounds my home in Sweden can be misleading. The bird activity it holds is diluted and disguised by the vast flat open land and sky that offers an impression of little going on. 

In January 2015, with an inkling of bird activity being more prominent than at first met my eyes, I decided to try to pull them out of the sky. I set up an 8cm diameter stage in the form of a wooden pillar that was around one and half meters in height, and opposite it another the same on which I mounted a camera that was triggered by motion. I visited the camera a few days later and, to my surprise, it had worked. The pillar somehow managed to funnel the birds from the sky by offering them a place to rest, feed, nurse their young, and observe. I was captivated immediately. The images were often unsettled, the birds awkward like contortionists, completely off-beat and the shapes and soft lines created were so arresting. 
From my kitchen window the pillar could be seen in …

mirror, 2018

This is not a factory, (for much longer)

Rooflight, through hole in wall of a factory fenced off for demolition

Interior; black, blue, white, and yellow

Damon Albarn - Spoons

Henry Wallis: The Stonebreaker, 1857

The Stonebreaker by Henry Wallis

Jude the Obscure (1895), Dover edition 2006


I remember the head of the photography course at Trent Polytechnic kindly lending me his copy of 'The Wasteland' by TS Eliot. Great title, but shame it meant little to me, perhaps as actual waste land hardly gets a look in. I was well into my post-Baltz-visit, new topographics phase of regularly setting off on a motorbike to photograph industrial/wasteland areas to the east of Nottingham. Memories that spring to mind from that time are the bike once slithering over on a back road covered in hard ice and sunshine on railway tracks, and the sense of stillness once the engine was off, walking on questionable ground. And being invited inside a refinery for a security check once...

Now when I go to my local Tesco I sometimes wander through the gap in the fence at the back of the car park to look over the expanse of wasteland there, on the east side of the city. Today I wasn't the only one. I'd been taking pictures for a few minutes when a middle aged man, followed by a young…

Lincoln Cathedral, views from the south-east, 200 years apart

panoramic view, from wasteland behind Tesco car park, winter 2019:


Peter de Wint(British, 1784–1849), two watercolours:

from war landscape series

Thomas Barrow: Cancellations, 1975