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Macclesfield Unemployment Office Christmas Do, 1970s

down by the river

Williams Lucinda: Rescue + Thomas Hardy: Jude The Obscure (cover)

simultaneous factory interior and exterior

A few seconds exposure

I watched two things with old factories in over the last few days. Bear Grylls Urban Survivor, where he worked his way down an abandoned industrial building in Eastern Europe (and hunted for rats and ate baked woodlice), and The Ipcress File, where Michael Caine as agent Harry Palmer is held captive by foreign agents. (The Ipcress File still has incredible swagger. The performance by Nigel Green is phenomenal, I never appreciated just how good previously.) Anyway, these huge, brick built declining old structures are pretty horrible places. They seem to be relics of a different world - and way of being. Sooner or later, everything must be replaced.

I wanted to take pictures of factory rooflights this weekend - but everywhere I went there was demolition going on in them - and on a Sunday.  I was just about to scale a security fence when seconds before I made the leap a car came around the corner and I was advised not to. Taking pictures from the outside is just not the same, though less…

Asako Narahasi: Kawaguchiko #4, (2003)

ibasho gallery


Jess Richmond: The Madness of Many


leslielohman gallery photo by Loring Knoblach of collectordaily

Richard Ansett: Image_1237, Man who Lost a Finger while using a Lathe

Diane Arbus: Untitled (45), 1970-71

Diane Arbus: Untitled (27), 1970-71