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Luc Delahaye: US Bombing on Taliban Positions, 2001

drone warfare, small explosions, very far away

the last sunshine


Back to the warzone and took the Sigma DP2 Merrill along.

hedgerow, phosphorous

The xx - I Dare You (Official Music Video)

Ferrier Estate - Kidbrooke Village; 2011, 2018

Kidbrooke Village, Sep 18

The xx - On Hold

A46 roadworks, cover

shed, 2011 (cover)

David George @ Museum of London: September 14th 2018

The Night Exposed: In Conversation - David George and Chole Mathews, Antony Cairns at Museum of London


Roof-lights and trusses, factory

Roof trusses

Taking pictures of roof-lights in factories, one can't help but notice the lattice-like things in the way, holding the whole lot up. Turns out they are called trusses. I've been living with a painting most of my life since I was about 20 years old when Dawn Ledger, a fine art student, generously gifted me one after her third year show at Nottingham Polytechnic. I think pity may have been involved or the hassle of relocating a whole show's worth. It's travelled me with since. My awareness of roof trusses this year brings associations with her painting.

I think she was influenced by some early 20th Century French painter, with a breezy handling of the paint and leaving some areas of the canvas left untouched, as if it were not relevant to be concerned with providing a full account, either of the scene or of finishing a picture - which in this case was a series made at the swimming baths at Sneinton.

53.2307° N

'New Topographics is only possible in America, where they have the intense, overhead light', R Woodfield, photography lecturer, insisted to my surprise in a second year class. The surprise was two-fold, in that New Topographics was actually mentioned (out of the blue and only in passing) but some thought had clearly gone into it. Maybe he was aware of a couple of students (me and JR) who had become evangelicalised after the visit of New Topographics-ist Numero Uno photographer, Lewis Baltz, who had left the student faculty indifferent at the time but two belatedly dazzled by what was his stunning but under-recognised achievement. So I reflected on those relentless grey northern skies incipient with rain that had previously seemed unproblematic, and although Baltz had done one of his best series Maryland - 39.0458° - and Bernd and Hilla Becher had done their best in similar conditions mapping the Rhineland - and even British collieries through the damp, but perhaps he was right…

factory roof apex

factory, 2018 & 2016

Picture from today and, below, from two years ago. 

the chemical factory

It's been two years since I last snuck in (and was escorted out of) the nearby closed-down agricultural chemicals factory. They'd now discretely installed CCTV and I knew I wouldn't go back as I'd not have very long to take pictures, and I would be wasting their time having to come and get me.  But recently most of the double-glazed windows of the two-storey office block on the perimeter have been smashed out, so people are clearly now spending a fair bit of time in there, presumably undisturbed. Security must have gotten too expensive to sustain.

It was a warm September day with a bloom of sunshine and so naturally I was on my way to take (more) photos of Jasper Johns inspired striped t-shirts on the clothing rails in TK-Max but when I saw some boys emerging unhurriedly from a gap ripped in the metal of the main gate, with some booty in their hands, I diverted there instead.

Since doing pictures of the Hoval factory roof-lights last May I've wanted to try another …