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Kent Marshes

François Morellet

Modern Art Notes podcast

Gill Gathercole: Red Teapot, Cactus

Doug Aitken

collectordailyThis lightbox by Doug Aitken places nighttime images of riot police and clouds of colored tear gas inside the stylized silhouette of a ranch house similar to the one where Michael Brown lived in Ferguson, Missouri. The combination makes the invasiveness of the police presence a physical reality, their imposing forms found right in the living room. Priced at $200000.

Julian Charrière

collectordailyThis Julian Charrière image of a hulking concrete bunker near the the Bikini Atoll is decorated by tiny pinpricks of light. The glittery effect comes from radioactive sand (found on the local beaches there, left over from the WWII atomic testing) which was intermittently placed on the light sensitive paper, creating the bright interruptions. Priced at €16000.

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