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Wayne Thiebaud: Four Cupcakes, 1971


Wayne Thiebaud: Yosemite Ridge Line, 1975

Modern Art Notes podcast

This painting by Wayne Thiebaud looks very much like some of the wavy pan sweep landscapes I've been making over the last few years. Everything's been done already!

Chris Dorland: Untitled, (Drift Upload), 2017

collectordaily review

Lyles and King gallery

I'm not sure I agree  with Loring K that Chris Dorland's UV ink collages are the future of photography. Part of me wonders if they are a spoof.

Barry Stone: Seconda Emerging, 2015

Barry Stone website


hedgerow by drone operations airbase, UK, Nov 2017

Truman Capote with Jack Dunphy, Rome, 1949

While reading Truman Capote's 'In Cold Blood' I've found it hard to reconcile the compulsive interest in the relationship between two killers on the run with the innocent boy in the famous Cartier-Bresson portrait. But, while looking for that picture online, I came across this fabulous snapshot of Capote and Jack Dunphy, which perhaps explains everything.

Before before

Thanks, Stephen @ copyrightimage

HYE-RYOUNG MIN: Personal Landscape

I really enjoyed looking at the photography of Hye-Ryoung Min this evening, after listening to her SVA talk about her 'Channel 247' project. Great images of life on the street viewed from her window. by an intriguing personality. And anyone who also has a series called 'Personal Landscape' is definitely worth checking out. I particularly like the way here she's broken with the straight-on 2D tradition of much topographic & Dusseldorf school photography. For me, the roof access ladder in this one, (upper right), is a beautiful nod to Lewis Baltz, whose image I'm sure she will have been familiar with.

Lhasa - Rising

self as performance