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i3 lecture with Anastasia Samoylova

from 2016, new build site

from 2017, mirror on wasteland

view from my window

Thomas Cole & Joel Sternfeld: Oxbow Archive, (1833) (2007)

Joe Sternfeld: Oxbow Archive, (2007)


Sternfeld spent a year and a a half photographing a corn and potato field, commuting to it on an almost daily basis.

Joe Deal: Albuquerque, (1975)

Richard Ansett: Girl pretending to be dead, from series ‘Bathers, UKR'

Richard Ansett: John standing in the garden, Secure Psychiatric Unit, Bethlem Hospital, UK, (2017)

Lewis Baltz: Gilroy, 1967

Excavator from above (uncredited) - metals prices in 2018

It's a totally Lee Friedlander photograph

car  reflections  wife  self portrait  landscape

Erasure: Take A Chance On Me

Vince looks great in this : )

X Men Days of Future Past; autopsy photographs

The simulated autopsy photographs of the mutants incorporate terrific detailing; the labelling (block font and courier), and the additional hand written notation in chinagraph pencil. Used in the film even the clips used to hold the images in their folder are spot on.

Thomas Hirschhorn: DE-PIXELIZATION

collectordaily review

gladstone gallery

I like the urgency about these nailed on the wall billboard prints, the pixellation motif and the general lairyness.


A pair of scientists from Florida, and their eight-year-old daughter, are visiting the remotest spot in every US state - BBC article

Apart from in Alaska they have so far found there are no truly remote spots, they arrive to find people, cabins, trails already there.