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Walton & Woodhouse: They shall beat their swords into plougshears, 2017

Sam Walton, a Quaker, and Rev Dan Woodhouse, a Methodist minister, arrested for trying to prevent war crimes.

Lies My Teacher Told Me: James W Loewen

"Students who have taken mathematics courses are more proficient at math than other students. The same is true in English, foreign language studies, and almost every other subject. Only in history is stupidity the result of more, not less, schooling.

"These students cannot use the past to illuminate the present and have no inkling of causation in history so they cannot think coherently about social life."

p. 310 Lies My Teacher Told Me About Columbus by James W Loewen

Francis Bacon: Study from the Human Body and Portrait, 1988


Night-time, (summer 2016)

Jeff Whetstone: Crossing the Delaware

Julie Saul gallery & Collectordaily review

Anne Doran: Analogs

Clare Grogan's Altered Images: Happy Birthday

Altered Images: Goodnight and I Wish

Altered Images: I Could Be Happy (dance mix)

Commuter Warriors, the US drone operators

Drone pilot Lt Col Matt Martin says his role is "surreal".

BBC article

Christine and the Queens: Tilted



Black dress and motorcycle stripping