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Hu Weiyi: Flirt, (2014)

Collectordaily daybook and KleinSun Gallery

Stephanie Sinclair: Tatiana and Krista Hogan

Alix Smith: States of Union



PiL: Poptones, 1980

"we soon got even more upset when they said, 'Oh no, you couldn't play it live anyway, just mime to the record'." p.234 Anger Is An Energy, John Lydon

Chunky Platform Lace Up Heels


Triangles and polka dots

Principles of Natural Philosophy

The square of the distance, 1687, Lincolnshire

colour fade

Tonal zoning

Factory through trees

suspended wire

near the addicts den

wasteland: aluminium foil

kerb by industrial estate

Brandattic: Fashion Union Flippy Dress - Black

Sam Falls: Untitled (Wind Chimes 6), 2013

collectordaily Sotheby's round-up

self-portrait with orange

Miss Selfridge: Lace Sleeve Pleated Maxi Dress

Miss Selfridge:Cream 90's Bodycon Dress

antonym #1

Steve Jobs: 'Oh, Wow'

I'm a third way in to Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson. It's a compelling read, due in no small amount to the no-holds-barred detailing of Jobs many personal failings - which is particularly remarkable considering it's the authorised biography. Some of the early Apple product presentations described in the book are available to watch online. A few clicks later and I was reading the poignant eulogy by his sister, Mona Simpson - the sibling who hadn't been given up for adoption, whom he had tracked down and re-united with in the mid-80s. It was dusk when I read it and I had to go for a long walk by the river afterwards. I hadn't noticed how much I'd forgotten about death. That surprised me.

I came back and had some fresh bread and a cup of tea and read a few more chapters of the book. Only stopping when I got to something on page 284. Jobs had invested in the computerised animation division of Lucasfilms, rebranding it Pixar. Jobs was so excited with thei…

Afterward now

The nearby closed down factory is a conglomoration of three construction stages: A very old part, built a century or more ago, a fairly old part (about fifty years) and a comparatively new part, the administrative block, built 25 years ago at most. Walking along the south side of the site these various developments are laid out in a long line, several hundred yards long. The 'perimeter view' along one side is something I keep going back to as a photographic approach to these former factory sites, it's a baseline strategy.

In 2012-13 I was using software to stitch sequences of several images together from series like these taken in one place, along one side, over periods of years. After doing that it was a unique sensation (thrilling and slightly nausea inducing) to have all those previous iterations clear in my head when next going back to that location. The present reality that day was overlaid by those previous incarnations that I had become so familiar with when working…

Shoko Hashimoto: Undergrowth


David Trautrimas: In the Wake of the Bind, 2016


Amak Mahmoodian: Shenasnameh, 2016

the moment before waking

Freud's misinterpreted dream

partial figure



faux Serrano

shop window #2

shop window #1