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Frank Auerbach: Primrose Hill, 1971

twenty one pilots: Stressed Out

Richard Ansett: Image_2653, Boy #4 (Boys in a City Park series)

Harry Callahan: Eleanor, Chicago, ca. 1952

Harry Callahan: Photographer, Teacher, Mentor NGA podcast. Sarah Greenough presents reminiscences from Ray Metzker, Emmet Gowin and Jim Dow.

Bill Dane: everything is for sale - $99

Bill Dane: from Californian postcards series, 1975-

Bill Dane

the world through your eyes

take#2: back when that treeline existed

take#2: doll

take#2: inkjet print, front and back

take#2: excavator at work

take#2: rehearsing the conversation

take#2: lengthways

take#2: over head (without head)

take#2: excavator at night

take#2: faultline in room

take#2:night-time at site A

take#2: the wasteland

Lisa Oppenheim: Landscape Portraits (Some North American Trees), 2014

MAN podcast

Chloe Castro: From Eden

Stephen Johnson