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English Hedgerows in the Autumn

"Lovely photos - chilling words" Noam Chomsky

Wall mounted stag's head with butterflies, without stag's head or butterflies

Butterfly case arrangement, without case or butterflies

Peter Hujar: Susan Sontag, (1975)

Paul Kasmin Gallery

Messi No.10 shirt

Murtaza Ahmadi, (age 5), Jaghori District, in the eastern Ghazni province of Afghanistan. BBC link.

English Hedgerows in the Autumn

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Doug Dubois

Doug Dubois: My Last Day at Seventeen

collectordaily review and photographer's website

Mariah Robertson

collectordaily 2013 review here and 2016 review here


پرچین انگلیسی در پاییز

ghost town

West End

The tips of the trees in the distance were red

Hannah Starkey

Hannah Starkey at Maureen Paley

New Order: Your Silent Face