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photo taken when lost


your place/my place




elephant in the back yard

cafe cafe

- between -

animal print dress (floor)

Thanks, Stephen

Jemimah Kuhfeld: Kathleen Jamie, 2009

Kathleen Jamie's expression in this photograph makes one believe all over again.

Kuhfeld's website

Dav Stewart: Kate Tempest, 2013

I saw a touring exhibition of National Portrait Gallery photographs of poets at my local gallery/museum today. Apparently if your feet keep taking you back to an image it says something, and I must have looped back to this one by Dav Stewart half a dozen times. It's a new acquisition and on show for the first time.

skater skirt

your lines

Previously, May (2011)

window mirror




Your trees

flowers and stripes

yellow green & blue

cosmic wall

Hank Willis Thomas: Unbranded: A Century of White Women, 1915-2015

Hank Willis Thomas: Unbranded: A Century of White Women, 1915-2015

Review at collectordaily

Iggy Pop: Platonic

flag dress

floaty things

pointy things

shoe with a bow on it

leaning across your line of sight


Long, long ago, around the time the dinosaurs roamed the earth and the Egyptians were building the pyramids and all that kind of stuff was going on, I fell in love with an electric guitar in a shop window in Nottingham, where I lived.  A shop on Alfreton Road, I think it was, and I can't remember why I'd be passing that way as it wasn't anywhere near where I lived nor near anywhere I'd usually go. It might have been a second-hand shop or a music shop, and in my memory I passed it several times and always stopped to look at this guitar, despite having zero interest in actually learning to play guitar.  It just looked totally fucking great.

Five million years passed but last weekend I finally, got an electric guitar, one that's as identical to that Nottingham shop window one as I could find, which is still the definitive, signature guitar look as far as I'm concerned, to hang on the wall as a piece of sculpture.  It's a forty year old Japanese built Les Paul…

for andy

after hail and lightning