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Valve position


Posted on Yahoo forum the day after parliament voted for bombing war against IS:

Issei Suda: Life In Flower

Review by Loring Knoblauch at DLK, and Miyako Yoshinaga gallery

Michael Collins at Janet Borden gallery NY: reviewed by collector daily

edward street: rightmove

The photographs on Rightmove, the house sales website, enable potential purchasers to evaluate a property on offer, a picture paints a thousand words. But while depicting interior space and physical condition estate agents' cameras often can't help but reveal poignant detail about the lives of vendors, and this despite determinedly trying to overlook much of the what is there, as if wishing that it wasn't there. Some properties, like this, seems to have been vacated by the elderly occupant, to be put on the market soon afterwards, largely untouched, presumably by a relative granted power of attorney, or by an executor for the estate. Perhaps as a result of the photographer's disinclination the human back-story exposed has an honesty that any attempt to illicit feeling could manage to achieve.


Garry Winogrand: (c.1960)

Caleb Charland: Artifacts of Fire and Wax

Sasha Wolf gallery

Michael Collins: Landscape and Industry

Janet Borden gallery

Erica Baum: Corpse, 2009

Estefania Gonzalez: Ventanas

Photo-eye link

"During three years, I lived in Bogota in front of a 18 floors building, with 2 apartments on each floor staring up at my window. On these days I spent most of the time at home and within my daily work I began to watch the neighbors. With the passage of time I discovered their routines and through these I discovered my own routine. I decided to make a diary of my life through the daily life of a bunch of strangers in a public blog. I Imagined stories, I built characters, I followed romances and crazy sex nights, I faced with pain the departure of old neighbors and was skeptical of the arrival of the new ones.

"With this project I tried to understand the desire of people to be socially recognized, by putting your intimate life evident through devices like the Facebook, while the fear of being caught watching the lives of others, be found in their everydayness “unfiltered”. For two and a half years I photographed my neighbors in their ordinary act…

Paul Kooiker: Sunday #43, 2011S

Be Seeing You

Allotment Now




oak sky

various poses in various situations



john berger's wood

. . .

pan fail: probably too dark, slow shutter speed

pan fail: the moon is on the right hand side

The glove project

I'm really, really glad I never got into the glove project all those years ago.  Gloves.  Once you start noticing them you see them lying around, everywhere.  And all the time. On the pavement, in the middle of the road, on the floor in shops, in car parks, on building sites, everywhere.  If I had a telescope big enough I'd probably point it at the moon and expect to see a shiny US astronaut one glinting in the sunshine in the middle of The Sea of Tranquility. Just the one, they are always just the one.

Once you decide to do the glove project and make that fateful decision to photograph each one you come across you are committing to having to interrupt your life on a regular basis from then on.  The routine of getting the camera out, power it up, adjusting the settings and shooting several frames from various distances and from different sides and angles, hm.  And you'd have to always be setting off early to places otherwise you'd never get anywhere on time ever again…

Pipe and Full Moon, Consecutive Sundays

Shimmer of implausability