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Site B:

Site B: pipe apertures

Site B:

Blanking plate

St Peter's: wall

Imagining a self-portrait against this wall - facing the camera, gold knee-length dress, 5" heel gold shoes - which is in a 2nd floor aapartment in a former solicitor's office up for auction in the centre of town.

St Peter's



St Peter's

St Peter's: safe

big h

Interior: St Peter's

Interior: St Peter's


Nadezhda Mandelstam: 'Hope Against Hope a memoir'

Mentioned during books podcast


I put my motorbike up for sale on gumtree last week but didn't get any interest (I thought).  In fact all the questions and offers I was getting were piling into the spam folder where I was deleting them without checking, as is my way.  There had been exactly 100 messages by the time I noticed, I discovered later.  So I put it on again - and put the price up - and again got loads of offers - so put the price up again (I obviously had no idea what it was really worth) - and started getting abuse for putting the price up.  I hadn't expected anyone around here would want a really old, tatty trail bike but maybe they do and will pay a fair bit for one, after all. It's been unused for a year, hidden at the back of the shed, buried under duvets so it took half an hour to get it out tonight.  I pumped up the tyres and then pushed it down to the petrol station to get some fresh petrol in it.  Then it kick-started noisily alive and was bursting with curiosity and raring to go …

Steve Davis: Ivy (2012)