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Surya Namaskar

Sunlit interior

Moon and sun

The menu system on many digital cameras is a labyrinth of options and sub options and sub-sub options.  Functions are often called unexpected things and it's easy to switch on (or off) something that should be off (or on).  The moon was bright tonight so it was time to turn off auto-preview (which is like shining a bright flashlight after every exposure, visible for half a mile) and set up the mirror lock up thingie which reduces vibration, and tie string around my tripod (so I can lower it to the ground on the other side, when I have climbed to the top of a fence to get in), then go take pictures by the light of the silvery moon.

Once in whenever I hear a siren  (I never knew there were so many) I worry someone has phoned the police having seen 'something suspicious' (some of the new houses overlooking the site are occupied now) - I bring ID -  or when I hear an unexpected noise in the vicinity I wonder if there's someone else in there, too (but looking for something …

Interior of part built house (inverted)

+ve to -ve polarities

Laurie Simmons: Love Doll

Publisher's Description
Throughout her career, photographer Laurie Simmons (1949) has staged scenes with dolls, dummies and occasionally people for her camera. In the fall of 2009, Simmons opened a new chapter to her work and ordered a customized, high-end “Love Doll” from Japan. The surrogate sex partner arrived in a crate, clothed in a transparent slip and accompanied by a separate box containing an engagement ring... The first days of somewhat formal and shy poses give way to an ever-increasing familiarity and comfort level as time passes. A second doll arrived one year later. This new character, and the interaction between the two, reveal yet another dynamic in composition, both formal and psychological. In search of a stage for her Love Doll, Simmons turned to her own home, transforming it into an artfully staged, color coordinated, oversized dollhouse. A tale of disquieting adult fantasy, desire and regret, The Love Doll accompanies the complete photographic se…

Stopped watch

Waiting for the coast to be clear to go over a fence

Moon in the afternoon

Dec 23rd 2012

shortest day of the fear


Nearly everyone at work has suffered the bug in the last month or two. and last week during Session #3 (someone else's spare bedroom) I found I had it, too, the first signs.  Eight days later I've still got it but tonight I made home made lentil soup as start of the fight back.

Someone else's spare bedroom: session # 3


Julie Blackmon: Fire, 2012

Long Day's Journey Into Night

Schink 1h

I love this book cover.

The Big Sun: 'Time I Bought A Boat'

Room Of One's Own